DFM Wellness Alliance is committed to the holistic well-being of clients and taking extra precautions to help limit the spread of COVID-19. With your safety in mind, we are offering Telehealth sessions for new and existing clients.

DFM Wellness Alliance

At DFM Wellness Alliance, I use individually tailored, solution-focused techniques to counsel my clients so they may identify and leverage their strengths during challenging times.

With an emphasis on understanding themselves and their environment, my goal is to help clients develop and acquire coping skills so they may live productive, fulfilling lives.

DFM Wellness Alliance is committed to the growth and development of clinicians. I have created a space , DFM SisterCamp, to provide clinical consultation & a professional community for like minded women to grow and thrive. I look forward to holding an authentic space where my sisters can Dream Focus and Make it happen!

Associate Therapist

Sheina Dixon DFM Sister Camp Associate Therapist

Sheina Dixon, MA, LCPC, NCC

For the past four years Sheina Dixon has been in the Mental Health Field. She has obtained her Masters from Concordia University Chicago in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2018. She currently holds licensure as a Clinical Professional Counselor.  Her focus has been to empower clients to reach a higher level of self-sufficiency and healing.
 The approach she takes to do this is through a holistic (mind, body, soul) lens as people cannot function as their best self in fragmented pieces. Understanding that the world in which we live, how we function, and the resources available to us determines the perspective and navigation in which one has. She encourages one to deal with themselves now because if they don’t then it delays the healing process and one will be faced to deal with things later.
Sheina has worked with a diverse population of clients by factors such as age, socioeconomic status, and ethnic groups that have dealt with varying challenges such as anxiety, depression, parent/child conflicts, grief, mood & behavior disorders, PTSD, and ADD/ADHD. Her passion for helping others and advocacy of mental health has led her to take on an open and eclectic approach to meet clients where they are. She walks alongside clients to assist them in meeting their therapeutic goals and recognizing the power and expertise one has over their own lives. Her passion, willingness, and advocacy are defining factors of who she is as a counselor. 

Keisha Mathew, A.M., LCSW

Keisha Mathew is a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Illinois. She loves traveling, trying new things and reading nonfiction.  She holds a bachelors and masters in clinical social work, with a minor in fine arts.

Her creativity is heavily used in her work with clients of all ages and backgrounds. She hopes to one day create a global  children’s book series centered on historical fiction. Being culturally competent is an integral part of her work; and has granted her the opportunity to work with clients born of immigrant parents.

With 20 years of clinical and program experience, meeting clients where they are has helped to form and strengthen the client/therapist alliance as well as maintain effective communication during the therapeutic process. It is a privilege to be trusted in this role!

Associate Therapist

Keisha Mathew DFM Sister Camp Associate Therapist