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Newlen Educational Services

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Our Mission

Newlen Early Childhood opened its doors on November 1st 2016. Our mission is to prepare children and families for their future by providing comprehensive early childhood education and family support programs in a bilingual and multicultural setting.Newlen Early Childhood School Readiness Center staff consists of exceptional educators who are dedicated and committed to the teaching profession. Both of our administrative and teaching staff have accumulated more than 100 years of teaching experiences combined.

We strive to assist the physical, cognitive, social and emotional development of each child. We aim to provide a safe, supportive and nurturing atmosphere where all children are able to express their creativity freely.

Our Vision

Through our play based Curriculum Newlen Early Childhood School Readiness Center (NECSRC) provides the highest quality of care by:


COVID-19 Precautions

Level 2 Center Responsibilities

Determine eligibility for working families to receive voucher which enables families to get assistance in childcare fees

Provide the necessary documentation to complete the child care application and eligibility process

Streamline and simplify child care eligibility documentations

Authorize and accept Child Care Admission Forms that enable provider payments to be processed

High Quality Designation

Frequently Asked Questions

Our new education center, Newlen Early Childhood School Readiness Center, is just what you’ve been looking for. We provide early childhood education services to toddlers and preschool-aged children (ages 2-5)

We use a scientifically-based, comprehensive curricula called Creative Curriculum (CC).To provide a well-rounded program we combine CC with high-quality assessments and professional development for staff as well as connecting community resources.

Creative Curriculum helps us plan and implement a developmentally appropriate program for each child that promotes children’s social-emotional development and learning in the core areas of literacy, mathematics, sciences and social studies. Additionally, it combines the latest research and a forward-thinking approach to learning including honoring creativity and respecting the role teachers play.

How about a range of comprehensive services including Spanish and English curriculums, a specialized education program for each child and weekly thematic lesson plans.

  • Social services
  • Developmental disabilities inclusion program
  • Collaboration with DC Early Intervention and DCPS Early Stages programs regarding students with special needs
  • Quarterly progress reports
  • Monthly parent meetings, trainings and family socializations
  • Home visits
  • Family partnership agreements and parent/teacher conferences

We prepare children and families for their future by providing comprehensive early childhood education and family support programs in a bilingual multicultural setting. Our educational goals focus on the student’s individual ability and our instruction aligns with school programs and district curriculum. Students are supported academically with a uniquely designed assessment process.

We recognize the growing physical, intellectual and social competence of the increasingly independent school-age child. Our programs offer enriching learning opportunities in a fun environment. This includes before-school and after-school care, and back-up for school closings.

Our original location is on 405 Riggs Road, NE Washington, DC 20011. Our new location is at 1725 Michigan Ave NE, Washington DC 20017

You can reach us at: 202-248-1397 or services@sbpreview.site
Our hours are: Monday – Friday 7:00am-6:00pm

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